How To Edit Monthly Newsletter Articles

Get PDF from Ian. Open in Adobe Acrobat (not browser) and copy all the text, excluding the title.

Log in to GP site. Add a New Post. Change to Text mode. Paste the text.

Delete line breaks. Leave a double line break after each sentence.

Switch to Visual mode. Highlight first sentence and other relevant key phrases in bold.

Log in to Find an image that fits the theme of the article. Download in 1280-wide format.

Upload image to Media Library. Paste into text at top: Alignment = right, Link To = none, Size = Full Size. Edit and set the Image CSS Class = max-45.

Final page settings:

  • Title: monthname year Newsletter, eg January 2038 Newsletter
  • Permalink: mmm-yyyy, eg jan-2038
  • Category: Newsletters
  • Author: Ian Magill
  • Featured Image: same uploaded image

Publish. Check that it appears on the front page and in the Newsletters category page.

Send link to Ian. Remind him to post it to Facebook.