May 2019 Newsletter

Don’t have the motivation to exercise?

Getting motivated to exercise during the long winter months is a hard task for many people. Many of us tend to hibernate away from the cold wet darkness of the winter nights, snuggling up with a hot chocolate and the TV remote. Getting that spark of enthusiasm to get moving is what stops many of us doing enough physical exercise for our own wellbeing.

The benefits of regular exercise are: more energy, improved strength and endurance, reduced risk of chronic disease (such as diabetes and heart disease), weight management, general wellbeing, improved self confidence and self-esteem as well as an improved sex life.

Unfortunately, these reasons are not enough to get people off the couch and sweat a little.

So where can we find this motivation to exercise? This really comes down to finding your own strategy to help you get physical and stay physical.

  • One technique is setting goals, writing it down and looking at the list frequently. This goal can be a weight target or a physical challenge such as being able to walk a certain distance or swim so many laps of the pool without stopping.
  • You could always buddy up with a friend so at those times when you feel the lazy funk, you have your friend to help get you going.
  • Joining a local gym and hiring a personal trainer can really get you motivated. The right personal trainer can get you motivated and keep you going to achieve your fitness goals. Personal trainers are not just for the rich and famous, they are trained professionals who help you get healthier, safely within your own limits.
  • Another strategy that has been suggested is to be ‘fined’ if you do not reach your goal weight. By setting a target of weight loss by a certain date, the motivation is not to lose your money by achieving your target weight. If you miss your target, you are obliged to donate to your chosen charity. The motivation not to lose money can be very strong for some people.

When it comes down to fitness, the benefits are many and varied. The tough part is getting started and maintaining an exercise schedule consistently whether it is summer or winter. Find a motivating tool and just give it a go.

It may just make you feel a lot better about yourself.