August 2021 Newsletter

Are you over COVID?

If you are like me, you’ve had enough of the COVID-19 virus changing our lives.

We can no longer greet people with a hand shake, we have to socially distance, check-in and sanitise our hands wherever we go and run the risk of your mini break being extended by two weeks of quarantine if you dare leave our island state.

But sadly, COVID-19 is a very real part of the lives of many Australians.

Over 35,000 people have been infected and tragically, over 900 have died.

The worrying aspect of the Delta strain is that it is taking the lives of young and old.

Just recently in Sydney a 27-year-old healthy male and a 38-year-old healthy female died – neither had any underlying health condition.

And yet, some in the community are questioning the need to vaccinate at all.

The answer is stark!

Of 54 people in ICU in NSW, 48 had not been vaccinated, six had received their first dose and none were fully vaccinated.

Vaccinating our community is the only way to protect lives and for us to be able to get back to any sense of normality.

To help get as many Tasmanians vaccinated as quickly as possible, some pharmacies across our state are getting ready to join the vaccination taskforce.

Geeveston Pharmacy is yet to be asked by the state government to join; however, we are ready to help.

Both Dave and I are trained to provide COVID vaccinations and we are more than willing to do our part.

While we wait for the state government to give us the green light to start COVID vaccinations, if you are over 30 years old or 16 years and over with an underlying health condition, I urge you to get your vaccination either by booking through your GP or a state-run vaccination clinic.

In the meantime, the flu is still a risk in the community, and I would encourage you to ensure that you get your flu shot the next time you visit your local pharmacy.

It’s never too late.