February 2024 Newsletter

The correct use of devices to ensure effective and accurate delivery of medication is of paramount importance to ensure appropriate control of medical conditions.

At Geeveston Pharmacy, the two most common device issues we encounter are reliever inhaler device (Ventolin, Zempreon and Asmol) blockages and insulin pen device jams.

Blockages in reliever inhalers can occur due to various factors, such as inadequate cleaning, improper storage, or device misuse.

To ensure ongoing effective delivery of your asthma reliever medication (Ventolin, Zempreon and Asmol), the puffer should be cleaned once a week.

This is achieved by removing the metal canister, dose counter and mouthpiece cover from the plastic casing (actuator).

Under warm running water, you rinse the actuator thoroughly and then allow to dry.

After drying, replace the metal canister and ensure good operation of the inhaler by doing a test spray into the air.

By following these simple steps, you can minimise the risk of blockages in your asthma inhalers and ensure optimal asthma control.

Insulin pen devise jamming is generally a result of inappropriate needle insertion.

The very fine internal needle needs to insert into the small rubber seal of the insulin pen to allow for the flow of insulin.

Sometimes, if the needle is not placed squarely onto the end of the pen device, the internal needle can miss the rubber seal and bed or snap off.

Trying to inject a dose of insulin with an incorrect needle attachment, will feel like the device has a high degree of resistance, seems to jam and stops working.

If you notice this with a dose of insulin, remove the needle, check for anything stuck within the rubber seal (remove if present) and attach a new needle tip.

Ensure the needle tip is placed squarely on the end of the pen device and screw the new needle onto the pen firmly and gently.

Test to ensure insulin flow as per manufacturer’s instructions.

If the pen device is still not working, change to a new pen and talk to your pharmacist.

Bring the problematic pen in with you so we can check it out.

If you encounter persistent issues or are unsure about how to properly use your medication delivery devices, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your pharmacist for guidance.

It’s essential for ongoing management of your medical conditions.