May 2021 Newsletter

National Families Week

This week marks National Families Week, which is a celebration of the vital role that families play in our society.
What has come to light over recent years is how we define a family.
A family is not necessarily mum, dad, the kids and the family dog.
It can take all forms of togetherness that go beyond ancestry.
A family is a group of people who love and care for each other, that embrace each other through a strong and powerful bond.
Celebrating the family and everything that it represents is also about our health.
Everything we do to support families, in whatever iteration that takes, supports individuals’ health and wellbeing as well as the wider community.
Support for families outside of the conventional nuclear definition has been strongly supported by our anti-discrimination laws to prevent the negative effects of discrimination on our families in society.
Legislating anti-discrimination law for all forms of human differences, protects our families and individuals from harassment, bullying and exclusion.
The health of our family units has been improved markedly by society’s acceptance of these differences, which has been recently reflected in same sex marriage legislation.
As individuals, the benefits of spending time and being part of a loving and caring family include: improvements to our mental health; help children perform well academically; lowers the risk of behavioural problems; boost self confidence; reduces stress; enhances physical health; and, promotes adaptability and resilience.
The family is an extremely important part of our society and one that needs to be celebrated and nurtured for all things health.
This week we should all try to make an effort to reconnect with our family and promise ourselves that we don’t become a stranger to the ones that love and cherish us.
It will be good for our health!